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All-in-one solution to organize, grow and monetize gaming communities and esports competitions.

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We are the playmanity team, with half of our members in ukraine and the other half spread across the globe. our startup journey began in kyiv, ukraine, and even during challenging times like the war, we persevered and continued our work.

If anyone would like to connect with us, feel free to find us on our discord server and linkedin. we are always here to chat and answer any questions.

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What games will there be?
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Explore Our Notable Achievements.

Boosting Growth: 10,000 PLN Grant Awarded

Received a grant of 10,000 PLN from Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge.

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Blockchain Bootcamp

Secured second place at BNB Blockchain Bootcamp

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Participation in the Final.

Finalist at Startup World Cup Ukraine 2023.

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Eurasian Award.

Nominated for Euro-Asian Startup Awards 2023 as Founder of the Year.

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Ukrained Award

Nominated as Best Newcomer 2023 in Ukraine.

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Strategic Partnership.

Partnership with Google Ads Marketing Team / Arteria G Partner.

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Building a Strong Community

We are more than 11,000, and each of you makes our community special.

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